Self adhesive labellers  also known as pressure sensitive labellers are a reliable and easy solutions in the packaging lines. The machine apply on the container a pre-glued, pressure sensitive label assuring a high level of accuracy. The adhesive label forms a bond when pressure is applied to marry the adhesive with the adherend. No solvent, water, or heat is needed to activate the adhesive.

Pressure Sensitive labels, or Self-Adhesive labels, are an excellent choice for almost any product, and work especially well on contoured and squeezable containers. Pressure Sensitive labels are an optimal choice for products in the food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals, and automotive industries.

Our range of self adhesive labelling machines offers linear and rotative solutions to match various speed requirements, including non-stop models with up to 6 modules.

Self Adhesive Rotary Labeller 5 Modular Stations Non-stop

Self Adhesive Rotary Labeller

These labellers are suitable for bottles, flasks, glasses, vials, tanks and cans of cylindrical, square, rectangular and irregular shapes; they feature safety guards, bottle stop, lubricated cam, inverter, syncro/encoder/system, labelling station control panel and can be equipped with the following options: PLC control, touch screen, safety guards, electronic cam, memory labels control panel, motorized carrousel lifting, driving labels and paper buffer disc, roll end audio signal, thermal stamper, ink jet, special label station unit with double self adhesive system for SEAL.